A New Era for Supply Chain Visibility

CannaProve eliminates data siloes across the global cannabis supply chain through a distributed, secure and scalable blockchain. By providing a single version of truth through a shared ledger, CannaProve significantly increases trust across an increasingly complex ecosystem of owned facilities, partners and suppliers, while reducing unnecessary risks and costs.

Aggregate macro insights will be derived from CannaProve’s immutable data store and AI/ML engine, providing supply chain participants with new opportunities to make sense of enormous amounts of data scattered across external sources and siloed systems. This becomes a powerful tool to optimize revenue and profit potential.


Check out our first generation of CannaProve products that enable tracking of your supply chain at different levels and support your compliance to the highest standard.


Track your cannabis from seed to end-sale throughout the entire supply chain to create 100% transparency among stakeholders and enable fast recall and fraud identification.    

DNA Tracking

Drill down to the DNA/ chemical components of your cannabis and track them as products move across the supply chain, ensuring and certifying strain integrity and product quality.    

GMP Compliance

Tailor-designed tracking and reporting system for EU GMP compliance that guarantees accurate, trustworthy and verifiable information is captured and stored securely for you and regulators’ ultimate convenience.    
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CannaProve provides technological solutions as part of our science and technology-based core strategy, automating our compliance processes which allows us to focus on growing and selling.
- Cannabis Clonal Corp
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Building an Ecosystem of Trust

Who doesn't want to work in a trusting environment with partners that share the same vision? So, if you are one of the players along the cannabis supply chain (e.g. logistics company, testing lab, hardware & software solution provider) committed to creating trust for a globalized industry. Join us now!
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Our Expertise

A team of seasoned business executives and entrepreneurs supported by an experienced blockchain software team.

Paul Brousseau

President & CEO

Mathieu Glaude

Founder & CTO

Duncan Cameron

Founder & Business Dev

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